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Welcome to the ANNEX Logistics Corporation

ANNEX Logistics Corporation (Sister Concern of ANNEX Group) is one of the travel service-provider in Bangladesh with full strength of a dedicated group of tourism-professionals particularly specialized in Different types of vehicles of the country since 2002.

Our field of interest other than tourism is mainly-

  1. Air conditioned Tourist Coach/Sedan Car, Micro & Tourist Boat service
  2. BMW/Mercedes Benz Sedan Car, SUV- 4 wheel jeep
  3. Helicopter & Plane chartered
  4. Hotel/Motel/ Resort Management & Reservation
  5. Corporate events
  6. Logistics provider for research team & film makers
  7. Cultural event management
  8. Bus/Rail/Cruising Vessel/Air Ticket
  9. Interpreter/ Guide service,
  10. Airport Transfer service.

ANNEX Logistics Corporation has been working to promote Bangladesh’s local culture and natural beauty in the world tourism market.

Since January 2005 ANNEX /ANNEX Logistics Corporation has attended more international and domestic fairs and has received full cooperation of a few liaison points in India, Bhutan, Nepal, Canada, China, Japan and USA which are currently under process getting converted into liaison offices.

 — W A Mashud, Founder & CEO



To be the regional leader in Logistics Fleet Management and ultimately to champion in Bangladesh for Committed and quality of Service.


Our mission is to be the number one Logistics Provider Company with wide range of corporate & project development works while promoting our brand in Bangladesh, enhancing market network based on COVID-19 safety measure in partnership with the corporate Industry, Multinational projects & Government with the urban and rural development and committed services.

Our Values: 

Brand Values Include:

  • Premium Service experience;
  • Quality product/service; and
  • professional driver
  • COVID-19 Safety measure

Complimenting the brand, ANNEX cherishes the experienced Transport specialists boasting Vibrant, Warm, Friendly, services. It is noteworthy to mention that these values and traits are reflected throughout the ANNEX environment.

Organization Values: Integrity, trust, respect, goal oriented motivation guide our day-to-day decision-making process and assist us in ensuring the brand values remain in focus. ANNEX Leadership Charter is integral to the behaviors that are evident in the workplace. Some of our charter guidelines include: “Lead by example”, “Embrace change”, “Be approachable”, “Inspire a shared direction”, “Empower others to act”, and “Respect the values and beliefs of others”.

GENERAL SAFETY GUIDELINES: The following safety guidelines should be followed at all times. 

Vehicle Safety:

  • Always fasten seat belts. Mandatory for front and rear passengers.
  • Travel in two-car convoys whenever possible and maintain communication between vehicles.
  • Always practice redundant communication, using multiple mobile phone carriers, satellite phones and handheld radios.
  • Lock vehicle doors until passengers disembark.
  • Do not ride motorcycles.
  • Do not allow drivers or passengers to take any substance that may impair driving ability.
  • Inspect vehicles according to safety guidelines prior to departure.
  • Do not allow petrol tank to drop below half-full.
  • Do not overload vehicles and ensure that weight is distributed evenly, with more towards rear axle. 

Health and Personnel Safety:

  • Take first aid kit, ensure it is properly stocked and accessible and the travel team is trained in its use.
  • Ensure a fire extinguisher is in all the vehicles, checked and passengers and drivers know how to use it.
  • Do not carry weapons or allow armed personnel to travel with vehicles.
  • Ensure the vehicle is stocked up with bottled drinking water prior to each journey.
  • Stock up on biscuits, snacks, and fruit, always assume no suitable place to eat.
  • Do not leave vehicles unattended while travelling.
  • Know the national driving laws and practices.
  • Adjust driving practices to different road conditions.
  • Ensure that vehicles are appropriate for local road conditions.
  • Ensure drivers stick to the limits on hours worked each day and that regular breaks are taken.
  • Consider changing driver if necessary on long tours.
  • Take extra care near people and animals, especially in heavily populated areas.
  • Don’t assume that all people are traffic wise.

Logistics and Procedures:

  • Check in with base upon departure and immediately after arrival.
  • Ensure that appropriate maps and a list of telephone numbers are kept in each vehicle.


Advisory Council:

We have the following dedicated advisors whose specialist knowledge in their fields is available to members when required:

  • Policy Advisor
  • Legal Advisor
  • Crisis Management Advisor
  • Insurance Advisor

Language Interpreter and Guide Services:

For your convenience, we provide language interpreters for a the following languages:

  1. English;
  2. Chinese;
  3. Hindi;
  4. Japanese;
  5. French;

And also have official links with other international language interpreter to fulfill our demand in services.

What We Have ?


Mr. Tawfiq Hasan
Senior Consultant
M Bayezidur Rahman
Financial Advisor
Capt. M Mahbubul Matin
Wasiuddin al Mashud
Founder & CEO